HAS international


Basic principle of our internationalisation strategy: “Excellent professional education is an international effort.”

The Netherlands has the ambition to reach the global top 5 of knowledge economies. This requires internationally orientated education policy. Those in education who look inward will not be attuned to the global labour market for higher education. Internationally active organisations demand knowledge workers who are used to looking across borders. So it's essential for students to gain international experience while still studying.

Strengthening the international profile of HAS University of Applied Sciences fits the growing importance of international knowledge in professional practice. We do this by offering our students and staff international opportunities.

Focal points:

For students:

  •     Including international (English language) components in the curriculum
  •     Quality improvement of international traineeships, obligatory to all HAS students
  •     Participation in international (thesis) projects at internationally active companies

For staff:

  •     Attending international activities in the Netherlands and abroad
  •     Supervising and/or conducting international (thesis) projects at internationally active companies
  •     Facilitating teachers to achieve the student focal points

International projects

Participation in international projects is becoming increasingly prominent in HAS's internationalisation strategy. International projects generate knowledge, new alliances with strategic partners and (international) profiling of our college of education. In addition, HAS wants to contribute to corporate social responsibility through participation.

The specially designed coordination centre HAS International Projects (in short, HIP) enables HAS's frequent, appropriate and professional participation in international projects, thereby promoting the positioning of our college of education even stronger in the international market and ensuring realisation of the international focal points defined by the Board of Governors for the period 2011-2014.

More information about HIP and international projects of HAS University of Applied Sciences can be found here .