Mission and vision


HAS University of Applied Sciences is the leading higher education and expertise centre in the south of the Netherlands in the field of agribusiness, food and environment.
HAS provides:
- Students with specialist and comprehensive courses
- The sectors we serve with the skilled higher education professionals they need
- Business with applied research and consultancy
- Business professionals with practical training and courses


We build on our foundation:
- An enterprising, world-class university with a comprehensive programme in agribusiness, food and environment
- An independent university that works actively with local business
- Our educational concept focuses on entrepreneurial study involving substantial cross-fertilisation with day-to-day business practice. We channel this cross-fertilisation professionally through the activities of HAS Knowledge Transfer and Training. These ties provide real-life experiences for our students and teachers as well as strong support for businesses in terms of innovation, development and life-long learning
As an organisation, HAS owes its solid foundation to:
- Motivated teams and enterprising professionals, leaving room for individual freedom and a strong sense of personal responsibility
- Our integrity: the quality of our courses and respect for our students are undisputed and are our first priority
- A flat and lean organisational structure, in which everyone involved is focused on realising the HAS goals
- A sound and healthy financial base, giving us the room to do business and initiate our own development