6 September 2018

Specially for our 1st year students:

hbo intro festival 2018

If you walked into the biology lab in the greenhouse at HAS University of Applied Sciences during the past year, there is a high chance you will have come across him. Biologist Anas Shoureh from Syria had a work experience post at the study programme Applied Biology.

Anas Shoureh - HAS Hogeschool

Two hurricanes, 1 of which was the strongest ever to hit the Atlantic Ocean. And then he was standing face-to-face with the Dutch King and Queen, giving a presentation. This is the result of Ivo Damen’s internship on the island of Saba for the study programme Applied Biology.

Ivo Damen - HAS Hogeschool
21 March 2020

NOTE: In connection with the coronavirus, all events at HAS University of Applied Sciences in 's-Hertogenbosch and Venlo will be cancelled at the request of the Dutch Cabinet. If you have already registered, you will receive a personal message.

HAS Hogeschool Locatie Venlo

The Vice Chancellor of Harper Adams University and the President of HAS University of Applied Science in Den Bosch signed a new strategic partnership agreement on 30 January 2018, confirming the close relationship between the two institutions.  The signing took place during an official visit to D

Harper Adams University - HAS Hogeschool

Olga Haenen, senior researcher at Wageningen Bioveterinary Research in Lelystad has been appointed Professor of the new Chair in Novel Proteins, Insects & Fish: Healthy, Sustainable & Safe (INVIS), from 1 January 2018.

Olga Haenen - HAS University

Dr Joost van den Borne, Manager of Research & Development at Schippers Europe, will become Senior Lecturer for the new research chair in Healthy Farming from 1 February 2018.

Joost van den Borne - HAS University

As of 1 February 2018, Elies Lemkes-Straver will be appointed as Senior Lecturer in the research chair in Sustainable Production in the agrifood sector.

Elies Lemkes - HAS University

Gamification in education, entrepreneurship in rural areas and checking building permits online. Just three examples of subjects that 31 students from the 4th year of Geo Media & Design have been working on in the last week during the 3rd annual Stressweek.

3rd Stressweek Geo Media & Design - HAS University of Applied Sciences

HAS University of Applied Sciences has carried out a number of professional assignments over recent years for Nedap, a Dutch technology company that develops electronic systems for the livestock sector. One research project concerned activity meters round the legs and neck of cows.

Nedap HAS University