HAS University of Applied Sciences, KTBA and N&S set up the Dutch School of Quality

News 12 April 2017
dutch school of quality HAS Universtity

“New centre of learning for quality managers is unique in the Netherlands.”

The antibiotic resistance continues to be a problem in the European Union. The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has once again issued a warning for a number of slimming products. The Dutch Minister for Health, Welfare and Sport, Edith Schippers, has been quoted as saying that there would be no introduction of legal standards for mineral oils in the near future. These are just some of the food safety stories that have been published in the media recently.

Room for improvement

Although our food has never been so safe, there is still room for improvement. And implementing these improvements requires well-educated quality managers. This is why HAS University of Applied Sciences, KTBA People in Food (a professional service provider in industrial food safety and compliance) and N&S (quality consultants, training and outsourcing company) have joined forces to set up the Dutch School of Quality. This is a complete centre of learning for professionals in the field of quality and food safety, and unique in the Netherlands.

Signing ceremony

The new partnership between the 3 parties came into force on Wednesday 8 March, when Jeroen Bos (director of HAS Training & Consultancy), Jeroen Sleenhoff (‎COO at People in Food Holding BV), Aldo Rus (‎Business Unit Manager KTBA FoodCampus) and Michaël van Duijnhoven (Managing Director of N&S) signed the cooperation agreement.

Increasing demand

“This cooperation, combines the teaching and content expertise of a University of Applied Sciences with the know-how and experience of 2 quality consultancy organisations. The result is a unique and broad portfolio of quality-management related courses. This initiative is in response to the increasing demand for quality managers, who need to be competent in a range of fields, and who also need competences such as the power of persuasion and leadership. Moreover, because it’s possible to follow the difference practically-oriented modules of the course separately, the Dutch School of Quality has something to offer almost any quality professional within the food sector,” Jeroen Bos explains, on behalf of the 3 partners.

Graduate intake

The Dutch School of Quality is aimed at quality managers who are looking to grow personally and prepare for the future. The centre’s programme consists of a basic block ‘Quality & Business Improvement in Food (QBIF)’, which is aimed specifically at new quality managers who are looking to further deepen their knowledge. Building on the foundation of QBIF, the centre has put together a further 14 modular courses, to enable participants to specialise. Some courses start simultaneously. Participants can opt to follow several courses in parallel, or consecutively. Courses are open to all graduates. Those from Universities of Applied Sciences must have at least 2 years’ work experience in the food sector. The first courses start in September 2017.

Kick-Off Event on 18 May 2017

On 18 May, the centre will be officially launched during a Kick-Off Event for which all quality managers from the food sector will receive an invitation. Speakers at the event include Mathé Bolle, oncologist at the Zuiderzee Hospital in Lelystad. He will stress the importance of the relationship between food quality and health. Marianne Jacobs, QA Manager Business Unit AH at Bakkersland will outline her own personal development as a quality manager.