Student Eveline van Dam winner of the well-visited HAS Food Experience 2017

News 22 February 2017
Food Experience 2017 HAS University

“Eveline uses her Provito concept to solve a social problem, by making meat easier to eat for people who have difficulty chewing and swallowing.”

Eveline van Dam is the winner of the HAS Food Experience 2017 award. The fourth-year Food Innovation student won an astonishing 3 prizes during the FoodManship Awards ceremony: twice with her individual concept Provito, and once with a group assignment with the Puuré concept. The 9th edition of the HAS Food Experience award had a record number of visitors: around 1,500 professionals, lecturers, students and parents attended the event, where 160 fourth-year students from Food Innovation, Food Technology, International Food & Agribusiness, Business Administration & Agribusiness and Environmental Studies presented their concepts. 


9 awards

This year, 9 FoodManship Awards were presented: 4 prizes were awarded by a professional jury led by 4 senior lecturers from HAS University of Applied Sciences; 4 prizes were awarded by 4 leading companies that HAS works with; and there was one public award that the visitors could vote for throughout the day. Here are the winners: 

Jury awards

1. Category ‘Rewind’ (thinking through processes, quality and ingredients): 

Yeast, the new palm oil by Florine Stroo, Niek Monden, Martin Oostveen and Marloes Willemsen. 
About the concept: MariaMonkeyss are the best biscuits without palm oil. They offer the perfect solution to the growing problem surrounding palm oil and create a sustainable snack for kids.
Judges’ reaction (Green Health Chair): The students have taken a social problem as the starting point for their concept. They carried out solid research and gave a perfect presentation.


2. Category ‘Play’ (Product, packaging and market development of existing products): 

Puuré - discover the world of pure flavours by Nienke Grisel, Ilona Thijssen, Eveline van Dam and Eva Botter. 
About the concept: Fresh mashed potato combined with worldly flavours in a new jacket, to serve a surprising dinner - simply.
Judges’ reaction (Food & Health Chair): The students came up with a completely new concept applicable to a wide audience, where they thought through everything thoroughly. 

3. Category ‘Forward’ (new product, packaging and market development from the consumer perspective): 

Provito by Eveline van Dam.
About the concept: Provito allows people with chewing and swallowing difficulties to enjoy their food again, by making that piece of meat, they miss so much, easy to eat.
Judges’ reaction (AgroFood Marketing Chair): Eveline solved a relevant problem perfectly, by applying a new technique and so making meat easier to eat. This technique has huge potential for many more applications.


4. Category ‘Next’ (students formed a vision for the future):

Future of Farming by Joran Holtes and Joey Swinkels.
About the concept: A vision for the future of the farming company and how it will have changed by 2030.
Judges’ reaction (Co-creative and Co-operative Entrepreneurship Chair): Joran and Joey have an excellent vision when it comes to bridging the gaps in the sector. They not only see what’s needed, but are also doing something about it. 


Company awards


5. Category ‘Machinery’: 

Nobel, a regal piece of meat by Gerrit van Veen.
About the concept: The Berkshire-pig is being preserved by the British Royal Family for its special quality and taste.
Judges’ reaction (Marel): This concept shows a combination of entrepreneurship, expertise and passion. Perfectly executed. 


6. Category ‘Ingredients’: 

Happy Belly by Lisanne Rijs.
About the concept: The responsible crackers by Happy Belly are a snack for pregnant women, tuned to the nutrients that are important during pregnancy.
Judges reaction (Givodan): This concept shows huge passion and enthusiasm. We will gladly help Lisanne further with this concept.

7. Category ‘Factory’: 

Provito by Eveline van Dam.
About the concept: Provito allows people with chewing and swallowing difficulties to enjoy their meal again by making that piece of meat, they miss so much, easy to eat.
Judges’ reaction (Royal Smilde): Eveline has tackled a huge and largely underestimated social problem. We will gladly help her further with this concept.


8. Category ‘Retail’: 

Fishless & Chips by Chiara Marino.
About the concept: Vegetable-based ready-made meal with a fish supplement inspired by the British Fish & Chips, for the conscious eater who wants a quick meal and is looking to help the environment.
Judges’ reaction (Plus Retail): A very tasty product. After the vegetarian butcher, the Netherlands is now ready for the vegetarian fishmonger.

Public award

9. Category ‘Next’: 

Stay by Alicia Peters.
About the concept: Stay offers solutions to dripping and spillage by single-serving teabags after use, allowing you fully relax while drinking your tea.
Total number of voters: 834. Votes for Stay: 40.