Inaugurele rede Antien Zuidberg, lector Design Methoden in Food

Antien Zuidberg - HAS University
dinsdag, 4 juni, 2019


HAS Hogeschool, Onderwijsboulevard 221, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Datum en tijd

Dinsdag 4 juni 2019, vanaf 14.30

What you design = How you design

The professorship Design Methods in Food explores and develops design methods and tools that can help more food innovations reach the market successfully. The focus lies in the combination of methods and meaningful innovations that entice consumers towards healthy and sustainable food, and at the same time using new technologies and new ingredients, such as 3D food printing and residual food flows, as much as possible.


14.30  Welcome reception in the Pavilion
15.00  Opening – Dick Pouwels, Chair of the Board of Governors, HAS University of Applied Sciences, and David Llewellyn, Vice-Chancellor, Harper Adams University
15.15 Brief introduction ‘Once upon a time, at HAS University of Applied Sciences, there was a professor’
15.30 Inaugural lecture: ‘What you design = How you design’ – Antien Zuidberg, Professor of Design Methods in Food
16.40 Drinks reception with Design canapés  
18.00 End