The 6th HAS Year Event was held on 15 June at HAS University of Applied Sciences, when this year’s HAS Awards were presented in 4 categories: Young & Entrepreneurial; Sustainable Collaboration Non-profit; SME; and Sustainable Collaboration Large Company.

HAS University HAS Awards 2017

The results of the Dutch National Students’ Survey 2017 are in!

NSE 2017
31 August 2017

Specially for our 1st year students:

hbo intro festival 2017 - 31 augustus 2017
15 June 2017

On Thursday 15 June 2017 HAS University of Applied Sciences will organise the HAS Year Event. The event will be held as an extensive get-together between HAS and its relations, an 'open house' in HAS style!

30 April 2017

From 15 November 2016 until 1 May 2017 it is possible to apply for the academic year 2017-2018.

Apply before 1 mei 2017 - HAS Univeristy of Applied Sciences

The antibiotic resistance continues to be a problem in the European Union. The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has once again issued a warning for a number of slimming products.

dutch school of quality HAS Universtity

HAS University of Applied Sciences has appointed Wim de Koning PhD as Professor Business & Enterprise Development. The position is a continuation of the chair in Equine Industry Entrepreneurship & Innovation held by Joep Bartels, who steps down on the appointment of Wim de Koning.

Wim de Koning succeeds Joep Bartels as Professor Business & Enterprise Development
Eveline van Dam is the winner of the HAS Food Experience 2017 award. The fourth-year Food Innovation student won an astonishing 3 prizes during the FoodManship Awards ceremony: twice with her individual concept Provito, and once with a group assignment with the Puuré concept.
Food Experience 2017 HAS University
12 January 2017

On Thursday 12 January, the HAS is organising a Study Day for Students. This is the moment to gather information about your 3 and 4 year!

Hence the theme: Your studies; your career!

“What does the biobased economy offer the agrifood sector?” That was the main question during the third-year minor ‘Biobased Economy in the agrifood sector’, which ended during the week of 7 November.

Scrum@School HAS University of Applied Sciences