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HAS Hogeschool en facilitair dienstverlener Vebego hebben een samenwerkingsovereenkomst getekend om structureel te gaan samenwerken. De vraagstukken waar de partijen mee aan de slag gaan, richten zich op maatschappelijke doelen binnen de groensector.

HAS Hogeschool
14 November 2019

On Thursday 14 November 2019 our special HAS University of Applied Sciences Student Study Day will take place. 

During this day, student can come into contact with the professional field of Agro, Food & Living Environment in various ways, such as: 

studenten studiedag 2019 - HAS Hogeschool

On Wednesday 11 September, Floris Alkemade, Chief Government Architect of the Netherlands, launched the minor ’Space Test’ as part of the study programme Spatial & Environmental Planning.

On Monday 9 September 2019, Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Carola Schouten was at HAS University of Applied Sciences in ‘s-Hertogenbosch to open the new academic year 2019-2020.

HAS University of Applied Sciences

On 1 July 2019, Margje Voeten was appointed professor of the new lectureship in Innovative Biomonitoring during the end-of-year event of the Applied Biology bachelor's programme.

HAS University of Applied Sciences

On 20 June, the 8th annual HAS Year Event was held at HAS University of Applied Sciences.

HAS University of Applied Sciences
27 September 2019

Are you curious about our Bachelors? And can't you wait until our open houses? Visit us at the studie fair Eindhoven in the Netherlands! The biggest study related event in the south of the Netherlands.

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What’s does the future hold for the agrifood sector in Brabant? This is a burning question to which there is no ready-made answer. This is because, we can’t look into the future and the world is changing at such a rapid pace.

has university

Erwin van Geenen PhD (1971) has been appointed member of the Board of Governors at HAS University of Applied Sciences. His arrival on 15 August 2019 will mean that, with fellow board member, Liz Chermin and chairman, Dick Pouwels, the board is now complete and ready for the future.

HAS University of Applied Sciences

If you ever drive, walk or cycle along the Maas, then there is something you cannot miss: the ash and poplar trees towering above the unique landscape.

HAS University of Applied Sciences