Expertise & Research Centre

Expertise & Research Centres (ERC) are knowledge groups within institutes of higher education that establish connections between education, professional practice and applied research in areas of social relevance. In most cases, an ERC consists of a ‘knowledge circle’: a group of lecturers and lecturer/researchers led by a senior lecturer.

ERCs have several common goals: 

  • Strengthening external orientation
  • Educational reform
  • Professionalisation of lecturers
  • Strengthening knowledge development and knowledge dissemination

HAS University of Applied Sciences currently has 11 ERCs:

AgroFood Marketing

Business & Enterprise Development

Senior lecturer:
H.L.G.M. (Harry) van Delft

Senior Lecturer:
W (Wim) de Koning, BSc, MSc, PhD,


Co-operative and Co-Creative Entrepreneurship

Food & Health

Senior lecturers:
R.A.M. (Roger) Engelberts /  P.L. (Pierre) van Hedel /

Senior lecturer:
A. (Annet) Roodenburg, PhD,


Green Health

Innovative Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas

Senior lecturer:
H.W. (Herman) Peppelenbos, PhD,

Senior lecturers:
D. J. (Daan) Groot / E. (Erwin) van Woudenberg /


Location Intelligence

New Business Models

Senior Lecturer:
Theo Thewessen

Senior Lecturer:
P.J. Beers


New Cultivation Systems

Precision Livestock Farming

Senior lecturer:
J.A.M. (Jasper) den Besten, MSc,

Senior lecturer:
L. (Lenny) van Erp


Future Food Systems


Senior lecturer:
F.M. (Frederike) Praasterink, MSc




Discontinued expertise & research centres

Innovative Enterprise in Horse Husbandry
J.E.H.M. (Joep) Bartels, MSc,
Discontinued 1 February 2017

Ylva Poelman
Discontinued 1 January 2017

Sustainable Livestock Farming Chains
J.W.G.M. (Han) Swinkels, PhD,
Discontinued 1 September 2016