Expertise & research centre in Future Food Systems

Future Food Systems professor Frederike Praasterink delivered her inaugural lecture on Thursday 22 February 2018. It marked the fitting culmination of a year of hard work and development within this new ERC, which began in September 2016 at HAS University of Applied Sciences.

Below is a brief report on the symposium organised around the inaugural lecture.

Future Food Systems Symposium

At the end of 2017, HAS University of Applied Sciences and Fontys Academy for Creative Industries (ACI) joined forces to create a Future Food Systems Masterclass. Students from both universities worked on designing concepts for sustainable food systems. The initiative was at the request of a number of leading organisations and companies such as The Netherlands Nutrition Centre Foundation, Agrifood Capital and the Province of North Brabant.

The results were presented during the Future Food Systems symposium in the Provincial Hall in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Future Food Systems Masterclass

Over a series of 6 sessions, participants gained insight into the current global and local food system from some of the most innovative thinkers in the sector. Professor Frederike Praasterink from HAS University of Applied Sciences taught them the principles of dealing with food systems. Linda Hofman and Christianne Heselmans from Fontys ACI gave workshops about the methodology behind Sustainable Futures, which they have designed to enable companies to face future dilemmas with a positive focus. This methodology has now been thoroughly tested, including during the Design Develop Transform Conference in June 2017 in Brussels and Antwerp.

During the Masterclasses, students and lecturers worked in multidisciplinary teams on various projects connected to different aspects of the food system. The unique collaboration between the creative industry and agrifood business led to a number of innovative solutions to create added value for food systems.

Future Food Future Visions

On 22 February 2017, 7 teams presented their Future Food Future Visions, which were developed in collaboration with Floating Farm, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Agrifood Capital, the Province of North Brabant, The Netherlands Nutrition Centre Foundation and the ‘Ware Prijs’. Horticulture & Business Management student and participant in the Future Food Systems Masterclass series, Howard Giddings, also discussed the province’s vision on sustainable food with Annemarie Spierings, the member of the Province of North Brabant council responsible for Agricultural Development, Energy and Management.