Expertise & research centre in New Business Models for Agriculture & Food Transition

This ERC focusses on research into developing new business models for agrifood and the living environment. These business models can contribute to creating the turning point towards a sustainable, circular economy in the green sector with shared values (multiple value creation) as the organising principle.

A broader value perspective

This turning point requires a broader value perspective than what we currently use. The ERC is therefore researching business models which, based on shared value, contribute to more sustainable production and consumption systems in agrifood and the living environment. ‘Shared value’ was developed by Harvard Business School (Porter et al) and means that companies do not only produce economic value (profit) but also ecological and social value. I.e. values shared by different parties in society.

New enterprise

Key to the notion of new enterprise are: building business cases in close collaboration with entrepreneurs; calculating social costs and revenues; validating starting points and critical success factors for new basic principles; putting the new philosophy at the heart of it all. The aim is to adopt a business approach to creating the turning point in the current agrifood production system toward a circular, functional, biobased economy in order to strengthen the leading position of the Netherlands as experts in agrifood and the living environment.