Beej Benders Fresh Market 80th partner company of HAS University of Applied Sciences in Venlo

News 29 June 2017
HAS University Beej Benders

“Beej Benders will soon be serving as a co-creation platform and living laboratory for students’ food concepts.”

No A-brands, but you will still find everything you need for a delicious breakfast, a healthy lunch or a 3-course dinner. That’s because Beej Benders Fresh Market in Venlo sells local produce and exciting new concepts - all in a tastefully designed environment of shop-in-shop. Their supply chain is short: for example, their mussels come straight from the boat, and their strawberries are picked locally in Venlo. And they also offer producers an honest price. These are all reasons why HAS University of Applied Sciences in Venlo was keen to have them as a partner company. And there’s another reason why this partnership is so special: Beej Benders Fresh Market is the 80th partner company to work together with HAS in Venlo.

Co-creation and living laboratory for new concepts

HAS University of Applied Sciences is looking forward to the new collaboration: “Beej Benders will soon be serving as a co-creation platform for our students’ food concepts,” explains Director of HAS Venlo, Frans van Leijden. “Students will be given the opportunity to develop and test new food concepts and carry out consumer research. Beej Benders fits perfectly with the HAS study programme Food Innovation, which is given in both at our site, in Den Bosch and Venlo. In Venlo, we focus mainly on fresh food-concepts, for which Beej Benders is the perfect testing ground.”

Fresh market, food court and restaurant

Beej Benders was founded by the entrepreneur behind the Dutch ‘Plus’ supermarket chain, Geert Benders. The shop is situated in the centre of Venlo and has been open since November 2016. The ‘experience store’ consists of various sections: a fresh market, food court and a restaurant. Wherever possible, Beej Benders buys directly from the farmer, grower or producer, and then – if they can – staff finish the product off in-house: be it a cup of coffee, sushi, a freshly prepared pizza, or a takeaway  meal made prepared the same day.