The study programme International Farm Management will now be known as Business Management in Agriculture & Food

News 26 September 2017
New name Business Management in Agriculture & Food

The new names say exactly what the study programme is about.

From 1 September 2017, the former study programme ‘International Farm Management’ at HAS University of Applied Sciences will be called ‘Business Management in Agriculture & Food’. The English language study programme, given in Venlo, is the English version of the Dutch study programme ‘Bedrijfskunde en agri-foodbusiness’, also a new name. The new names reflect the study programme’s focus on the entire range of business management roles in the agrifood sector: including agricultural production, processing, trade, marketing, distribution and services. Both variants of the name will continue to be registered under the Dutch national CROHO registration of ‘Bedrijfskunde en agribusiness’.

Cross pollination between agriculture and food

“The old names of both English and Dutch study programmes attracted a lot of students from the primary sector of the (inter)national agrifood industry,” study programme director, Martine Overdijk, explains. “In particular students from an agricultural background. However, the study programme is also ideal for students with a passion for food, who want to specialise in the commercial side of the sector. And the cross pollination between these two groups is really important. The new names reflect more clearly what the study programme is about, and enables us to emphasise the strengths of the programme, for example the quality of the lecturers, real-life projects and excellent job prospects.”

Generalist and specialist

Students on the Dutch and English variants are educated to be both a generalist and a specialist. Generalist, because of their broad knowledge of business, and everything that involves; and specialist, because they also focus on the (inter)national agrifood sector. Martine: “The market is in need of professionals who are trained in both business and the ‘green’ sector. This unique combination makes our graduates highly desirable young professionals. They really understand the industry. This makes them an excellent and flexible partner, ready to get straight to work in the (inter)national agrifood sector.”

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