Introducing… faculty manager of the Animal team Arjan Hoppenbrouwers

News 24 September 2015
Arjan Hoppenbrouwers

"Arjan likes the challenge of creating a good working relationship between these two parties to ensure efficient transfer of knowledge."

So who are the lecturers at the HAS who help professionals working in the field to develop further through training sessions, courses and learning programmes? Who are the advisors you can approach with a topic for research and who supervise the students carrying out a company assignment to ensure the right results are achieved? Every now and then we introduce a member of our team to you. This time, we present Arjan Hoppenbrouwers, faculty manager of the Animal team at HAS Knowledge Transfer and Training.

Growing up in the Kempen region of Brabant, Arjan Hoppenbrouwers came into contact with the agricultural sector early on. His cousin and neighbour was Hans Huijbers, now chairman of the Dutch Federation of Agriculture and Horticulture’s southern regional organisation (ZLTO). It was at his dairy farm that Arjan went milking to earn extra pocket money and that was how he gradually started to form the idea of a career in the agricultural sector. Arjan was already an animal lover even then and liked the farming spirit. He studied at HAS University of Applied Sciences and went on to work at Agrifirm, known at that time as Cehave Landbouwbelang. Arjan held various positions there: business advisor, product manager and sales manager.

Professional relationship with the market

Arjan was also commercial manager at pet food company Vobra Special Petfoods in Veghel. While there, he regularly worked with HAS and he found it really inspiring to supervise young people. Three-and-a-half years later HAS Knowledge Transfer and Training was looking for an experienced advisor for the Animal team. They needed someone who was able to improve HAS’s professional relationship with the market and that role suited Arjan perfectly. A year later he became faculty manager. Arjan enjoys being the link between business and the world of education. He likes the challenge of creating a good working relationship between these two parties to ensure efficient transfer of knowledge.

Link between business and education

As faculty manager he has a number of roles. He manages the Animal team and keeps the HAS Knowledge Transfer and Training management team informed about what’s happening in his faculty. He also works with his team to bring in appropriate assignments for the Animal Husbandry & Animal Care, Applied Biology and Business Administration & Agribusiness study programmes. In recent years his team has made great strides and built up an excellent network of regular customers. An effective formula has developed in which HAS and the business world get together to decide on the problems for which a solution needs to be found.

Developing a training plan

As well as advice, HAS Knowledge Transfer and Training provides company training for professionals. This is a significant aspect of the Animal team’s work. Increasingly, the team develops those company training sessions together with companies, creating customised in-company training sessions. For example, programmes of this type are currently in progress with mixed feeds company For Farmers and with Voergroep Zuid. Arjan and his team work with the company to develop a training plan made up of different training sessions. Why do they do this? In many cases companies do want to train their employees, but don’t know where to start. This way, HAS Knowledge Transfer and Training is not just able to provide good training, it can really add value in the development process. In many cases these plans also involve the HAS staff training employees who then go on to train other employees in their company themselves (‘train the trainer’).