Kickoff minor ‘Worldwide food Dialogue’ with 65 students in the Provinciehuis

News 14 September 2015
Studenten bij provinciehuis Den Bosch

“Communicatie, verbinden, inlevingsvermogen, argumenteren en de dialoog aangaan, vormen de rode draad van deze minor”

HAS University of Applied Sciences is launching 3 third-year minors this school year: International Business Development, Working on a Worldwide Food Dialogue and Shortage of Space in 2030. On August 31, the official kickoff of Working on a Worldwide Food Dialogue took place in the Provinciehuis. This was no coincidence, as the Province of Noord-Brabant is playing an important role in the minor through its Transition Team Agrifood Noord Brabant. For example, 65 work stations have been arranged for the participating students in the Provinciehuis under the name Foodlab Brabant. The closing event on November 10 is also facilitated by the Province.

Immersed in the world of food for 10 weeks

During Working on a Worldwide Food Dialogue, students will be immersed in the world of food for 10 weeks. They will dwell on raw materials, primary production, manufacturing, retail and catering, bearing in mind the principles of the circular economy. Marjo Baeten, a member of the development team of the minor, explains: “Using all those components and ramifications of our food system, we try to discover how transparent this world is. Communication, connection, empathy, arguing a point and engaging in dialogue will be central to this minor.”

Getting started for an external client

The programme includes guest lectures, excursions and lectures to get inspired. But it will move beyond that. Students will get to work in teams on a project for one of 12 external clients, including a supermarket, a meat concept developer and a large caterer. These assignments will focus on a specific theme, such as eating patterns, agritechnology, sustainability or health.

Supporting the transition to a sustainable agrifood chain

HAS University of Applied Sciences and Transition Team Agrifood Noord Brabant, supported by the Province of Nood-Brabant, hope to use this minor programme to stimulate the transition to a sustainable agrifood chain (from farm to fork). “This transition will demand most of the sector’s attention in the coming years”, says Marjo. “As organisers, we feel it is of great importance that the professionals of the future are part of that transition. And of course we are also hoping that their journey of discovery will generate ideas that may soon be put into practice.”

Sustainable food

“The versatility of the programme is an important reason for the Province to support this HAS Minor”, says Anne-Marie Spierings, representative for Agricultural Development. “I also find the concept of Foodlab Brabant very appealing: a live, mobile laboratory – currently in the Provinciehuis – where at the moment young students, but in the coming years possibly other parties as well, will be working on making our food more sustainable.”

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