Recycold invents logistics solution for refrigerated products


A huge shift is happening in retail towards ordering products online for home delivery, including refrigerated products. This is posing a considerable logistical challenge, not least because refrigerated vehicles are very expensive to use. HAS Graduate Daan van Vugt found a solution to this problem and this resulted in start-up company Recycold. It all started with a business assignment for online supermarket Vershuys.

Efficient transport of refrigerated products

“Vershuys wanted to investigate ways of transporting refrigerated products more efficiently and cheaply,” Daan explains. “Together with another student I went in search of new ideas for our final year project. In particular, we were looking for solutions that enabled transport of refrigerated products in a regular van. This is often done with expensive cool boxes that need to be returned. We wanted to develop a concept for a box for single use.”


Sustainably produced cardboard

Daan and his fellow student developed a cool box made out of sustainably produced cardboard. “This was only part of the solution: the box itself was durable and could be recycled, but the cooling elements inside were expensive and bad for the environment.” After graduating, Daan stayed in touch with the project team, fascinated by the idea of ​​a sustainable and affordable cooler. HAS University of Applied Sciences also remained involved in the project, with Luite Snijder acting as knowledge partner.

Alternative for expensive cooling element

A new assignment emerged: investigate feasible alternatives for the expensive cooling elements. “We did a lot of research into materials,” Daan explains. “Initially we focused on the production of bio-based artificial material, but this proved not to be viable. Normally you look for new materials for bio-based streams, but we decided just to look at what is already there and how best to utilise that. We found our solution in paper.”

Startup Recycold

“Paper is environmentally friendly and has a sustainable image," continues Daan. “Consumers know how to recycle it separately. Next, we developed a new gel which is allowed come into contact with food and which we are now testing in combination with the cardboard cool box. Meanwhile, the concept has been embedded in start-up company Recycold. It is my mission to make this new cooler as efficient and sustainable as possible.”

HAS stays involved

Daan enjoys the confidence of the market – a fact that was recently confirmed by him wining the Blue Pitch: a pitch issued by the Blue Innovation Center and sponsored by Rabobank and investors from Limburg. HAS University of Applied Sciences also likes to stay involved. Luite: “Normally our involvement ends with the completion of a business assignment. It is exciting to continue until the product is introduced to the market. This is new for HAS and we gain knowledge through this experience.”

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