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Knowledge is power, but only if that knowledge is current, up-to-date and relevant. HAS Training helps professionals in Agribusiness, Food and Environmental Science to sustainably increase their knowledge and skills. From short course to complete program, from e-learning to open program. Find out more about HAS Training, where theory and practice intersect and reinforce each other.

Innovations in Food and Agriculture

The world is changing rapidly, creating new demands. HAS Training helps you to stay abreast of the latest developments and innovations. Find out about the endless possibilities of Food Technology. Learn in-depth about Agribusiness and how to translate trends into chances. Discover how a sustainable living environment can inspire sustainable business models.

From e-learning to complete course

The philosophy at HAS Training is: ‘Learning should be like working.’ That’s why all the courses are very practical and the program is always drawn up after partners and clients have been consulted. There are several different types of courses, from short course to complete training. Open courses are combined with e-learning, where coaching and guidance are always available. Students gain new insights and are actively challenged to put that knowledge to work. In this way, HAS Training enhances the professional skills of its students.

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